Maison aux 1000 truffes by l’Or des Valois

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TRUFFLES AND TOURISM Located in the "Maison aux Mille Truffes & Champignons”, near the village of Marey-les-Fussey, we offer half-day discoveries of Burgundy truffle and where it grows. 1/ Truffle digging demonstration, introduction to truffle growing, Burgundy truffles and where they grow. 2/ Tasting or meal based on truffle products sold by Or des Valois. 3/ Guided tour of Château d'Entre-Deux-Monts (depending on the number of people and the availability of the owner). GASTRONOMY We offer fresh truffles in season accompanied by terrines and other derivative products throughout the year. Example of products available: rabbit terrine, guinea fowl, pork with Burgundy truffles where all the terrines are 8% stuffed with Tuber Uncinatum, Burgundy truffle mustard, the now famous Ratatruffe and "Truffillé" (ham with parsley and Burgundy truffle). Sold during local gastronomic events, in delicatessens and via the website.



La Maison aux 1000 Truffes
La Chaume
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Latitude : 47.11687
Longitude : 4.86805