Fascinating Weekend – Get your "Permis de Bourgogne" in Meursault: Special Wine & Cheese Session


The "Permis de Bourgogne" (Burgundy Licence) is first of all a work co-written by Jacky Rigaux, a great specialist in Burgundy wines, and Dominique Bruillot, editor of the Bourgogne Magazine.
In its original version, it brings together on the one hand a freely accessible multiple-choice questionnaire of 100 cultural questions, and on the other, a work of more than 200 pages which details each of the answers to these questions and can be easily used among friends or as part of short training courses.
It means everyone can familiarise themselves with Burgundy’s wines before starting their tasting, and has already won over several hundred enthusiasts with its simplicity and user-friendliness.

For the Fascinating Weekend 2023, part of the Permis de Bourgogne team will appear twice in Meursault, for interesting presentations lasting approximately 1 hr 30 (Saturday 21 October, at 10.30am and 3.00pm, Cellier Robert de Grancey - Town Hall).
Participants can discuss questions published in the reference work with the trainers, along with other issues specially created for the event, relating to the appellation and the village of Meursault.
This event will also give rise to an opportunity for discussion around wine and cheese pairings, with commented, interactive tasting of a glass of Meursault Blanc and local cheeses.
Participants will leave with their “Burgundy Licence” in hand and so can extend their quest for knowledge on the subject.

Day and start times for the “Permis de Bourgogne” in Meursault:
Saturday 21 October 2023: 2 start times: 10.30am and 3.00pm

Number of people limited per starting time slot
Experience lasts: 1 hr 30

You can present your printed paper ticket or your e-ticket on your smartphone
A ticket is valid for the date and time reserved by the customer for the "Permis de Bourgogne" in Meursault, during the "Fascinating Weekend 2023", according to the health measures in force on the date of your tasting<<<

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation.



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